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Don't Just Learn Guitar. Learn To Be Yourself On Guitar.

Join me (and 12,000 others), and I'll show you how to use the mechanics of music to explore your guitar intuitively and skillfully. Plus, grab your  free chord book

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Be Yourself On Guitar

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Featured Guitar Lesson

Learn how jazz players use extended and altered dominant chords to enhance the tension-resolution dynamic in music...

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What's New?

  1. Parts of the Guitar - Clearest Guitar Parts Diagram & Detailed Breakdown

    Take some time to learn the parts of the guitar and get to know your instrument! Clear guitar parts diagram with detailed breakdown of both acoustic and electric.

  2. Dominant Jazz Chords - Jazzing Up The 5 Chord

    Learn different ways to play the dominant chord in jazz music and give your 5 chord the tension it needs for jazz. Includes in depth video, chord charts and progression examples.

  3. Musical Major Arpeggio Exercises

    These major arpeggio exercises sound great and give you several ways to navigate the entire neck for any chord you're playing over.

  4. Major Arpeggios on Guitar - Ultimate Roadmap

    This process is the most effective way to learn major arpeggios on guitar. In depth lesson includes video, diagrams and examples of how to play arpeggios quickly and efficiently.

  5. Using Unison Bends to Inject Feeling to Your Lead Guitar Playing

    In depth lesson with POV video shows you how to play unison bends on guitar to give your licks and scale phrases more feeling and emotion.

  6. 8 Essential Beginner Guitar Tips & Mistakes to Avoid

    Essential beginner guitar tips to help you straighten the guitar learning curve, plan your practice time better and overcome common obstacles.

  7. How to Read Guitar Tab for Beginners

    Learn the basics of how to read guitar tab so you can learn all your favourite songs quickly and easily. Lesson includes video and tab examples.

  8. The Backdoor Progression Explained on Guitar

    Learn how the backdoor progression works on guitar, including examples and visualisation exercises for using the back door progression in your songwriting.

  9. Best Online Guitar Tuners For Accuracy & Tuning Presets

    A run down of the best online guitar tuners based on their accuracy and features such as tuning presets. Plus, some essential tips on how to tune your guitar accurately.

  10. Phrygian Dominant Scale on Guitar - When & How to Use

    In depth phrygian dominant scale lesson with backing tracks shows you how to use it over chords and in your music. Try out your own phrygian solo ideas over the chord tracks.

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