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Don't Just Learn Guitar. Learn to Be Yourself On Guitar.

Man walking down road with guitarJoin me and I'll show you how to use the mechanics of music to:  Plus grab your free chord book - Uncommon Chords

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electric guitar laid downA learning path from beginner right through to advanced theory and techniques. No logins, just quality free guitar lessons when you need them.

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question markGet expert help in overcoming your guitar learning obstacles. Here, there's no such thing as a "stupid question" and the answers are in depth.

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checkboxEssential tips that will put you in the right frame of mind for learning guitar, including frequently asked questions and checklists to ensure unstinted progress.

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guitar lesson videosThe web's best learning tools, hand selected in one place. Reach your fullest playing potential with backing tracks, software and specialised courses.

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A different (better in my humble opinion!) approach to memorizing the fretboard, using exercises that improve your spatial awareness of how notes relate to one another. The skills you gradually develop by playing through these exercises will translate into most areas of guitar playing and stay with you for life.

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