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Don't Just Learn Guitar. Learn To Be Yourself On Guitar.

Join me (and 19,000 others), and I'll show you how to use the mechanics of music to explore your guitar intuitively and skillfully. Plus, grab your  free chord book

Be Yourself On Guitar

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Learn beautifully soulful ways to use extended minor chords in progressions...

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What's New?

  1. Modal Chord Progressions - How to Recognise & Choose Your Mode

    Learn how to identify modal chord progressions in music so you can accompany them confidently on guitar. Includes examples and in depth theory

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  2. Minor Phrygian Jam Tracks with Guide Patterns

    Jam the minor Phrygian mode in several keys using these tracks and accompanying pattern diagrams, including 3nps, hexatonic and pentatonic

    Learn More

  3. Lydian Jam Tracks with Guide Patterns

    The most beautiful Lydian jam tracks brought together with useful guide patterns (including 3nps, hexatonic and pentatonic). Jam in several keys and styles.

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  4. Mixolydian Jam Tracks with Guide Patterns

    The best Mixolydian jam tracks (multiple keys) along with scale diagrams (including 3nps, hexatonic and pentatonic) to help you jam more confidently

    Learn More

  5. Dorian Jam Tracks With Guide Patterns

    Use these Dorian jam tracks and the accompanying diagrams to play Dorian fluidly across the neck in several ways, including 3nps, hexatonic and arpeggios

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  6. Guitar Modes - Solving The Mystery Step by Step

    Finally understand how modes work on guitar and start using them in your music. This series covers the basics, modal harmony and ear training

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  7. Soulful Progressions Using Extended Minor Chords (Minor 9, Minor 11)

    Learn how to use minor 9th, minor 11th and other minor chords to create more soulful progressions on guitar. Including voice leading and modulation techniques.

    Learn More

  8. The Minor 11th Arpeggio Roadmap - Vertical Minor Melody

    Learn how to break down the minor 11th arpeggio to give your minor melody a more vertical, colorful sound. A powerful addition to your scale knowledge.

    Learn More

  9. The Best Guitar Chord Software & Chord Tools On The Web

    Discover the best guitar chord software including chord finders, chord namers, transposers and other tools in this definitive, best of the web rundown.

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  10. Melodic Minor Scale on Guitar - Everything You Need To Know

    Learn how to use the wonderful melodic minor scale in your music. Lesson covering its roadmap, modes, which chords it works over and how to harmonise the scale

    Learn More

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