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Don't Just Learn Guitar. Learn To Be Yourself On Guitar.

Join me (and 14,000 others), and I'll show you how to use the mechanics of music to explore your guitar intuitively and skillfully. Plus, grab your  free chord book

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Learn how to use augmented chords in your music to create tension and add a little spice...

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What's New?

  1. Augmented Guitar Chords - Everything You Need To Know

    In depth augmented guitar chords lesson shows you not only where to put your fingers, but also how to use augmented chords in progressions,

  2. Guitar Pedal Point - Using Open Strings to Play Fast & Musically

    Learn the basics behind pedal point on guitar, including effective speed building pedal tone exercises using open strings. Develop several core playing skills in one go.

  3. Guitar Intervals Mastery - A Crash Course for Beginners

    Learn about guitar intervals and what the numbers mean in scale and chord diagrams. By the end of this lesson you'll see the huge value in learning intervals.

  4. Dark Guitar Chords - Spooky Shapes For Your Music

    A special guitar chord chart focusing on dark, tense and spooky sounding chords. Use them to give your music tension, foreboding and give the listener uneasy feelings.

  5. Effective Ear Training for Modes - Finally Get It

    Finally hear and internalise the difference between modes using these powerful exercises and backing tracks. This is the easiest way to master ear training for modes.

  6. How to Play the Mixolydian Blues - A Sweeter Blues Sound

    Learn how to apply the Mixolydian scale to blues as an alternative to pentatonic scales. In depth blues guitar lesson includes video, backing tracks and examples.

  7. Blues Chord Progressions - 12, 8 and 16 Bar Examples

    Learn all the standard blues chord progressions including 12 bar blues, 8 bar and 16 bar plus jazz blues variations. Includes audio examples and timing maps.

  8. Guitar Scales Beginner Lesson - The Basics Of Scales

    Simple and clear intro to guitar scales for beginners and the basics of how they work. Learn how scales are built and formed on the guitar fretboard.

  9. Major Scale Positions - 7 Positions of the Major Scale on Guitar

    Learn the seven positions of the major scale, connect them into one large pattern and unbox your major scale solos across the entire fretboard.

  10. Turn 3 Guitar Scale Patterns Into 21 Scales

    Drastically cut the time spent memorizing guitar scale patterns and learn the 21 most commonly used scales by using this simple root connection process.

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