Don't Just Learn Guitar. Learn To Be Yourself On Guitar.

Join me (and 17,000 others), and I'll show you how to use the mechanics of music to:

  • Explore the fretboard intuitively, meaningfully & creatively
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Don't Just Learn Guitar. Learn To Be Yourself On Guitar.

Join me (and 17,000 others), and I'll show you how to use the mechanics of music to explore your guitar intuitively and skillfully. Plus, grab your  free chord book

Be Yourself On Guitar

Grab your free chord book

Featured Guitar Lesson

Use these hexatonic scale patterns to develop your speed, phrasing and connect different areas of the neck in any key...

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What's New?

  1. Major 7th Chords on Guitar - Start Here

    Learn how to play major 7th chords and how to use them in progressions. Give your major chords a dreamier, more soulful sound

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  2. Hexatonic Scale Patterns - Develop Speed, Phrasing & Dexterity

    Use these hexatonic scale patterns to cover more of the neck, build speed and create flowing musical sequences. Works in major and minor keys.

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  3. Darkness In Major Key Progressions - Chords & Scales

    Learn how to inject darkness and sadness into major key progressions, giving them a heavier emotional quality. Guitar lesson with video, examples and charts.

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  4. How To Change To Any Key Using The Dominant

    Spice up your songwriting. Learn how the dominant function in music can help us change to any key, major or minor. In depth guitar lesson with video.

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  5. Taking CAGED Guitar To The Next Level - Major Chord Colouring

    Learn how to use the CAGED system to extend and colour major chords and create vibrant, easy to play voicings all over the guitar neck. Includes video demonstration and chord charts.

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  6. The Lydian Mode on Guitar - Everything You Need To Know

    Learn what creates the Lydian mode's distinctive sound, train your ears and learn how to apply it in your own music, both harmonically and melodically. The most comprehensive lesson on Lydian for guit…

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  7. Effective Minor Pentatonic String Bending Technique

    Learn how to use string bending in your minor pentatonic scale licks and build your confidence with lead improvisation. Lesson includes key bend points and tips on how to target your bends accurately…

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  8. Borrowed Chords - How To Spot & Play Over Them

    Learn about borrowed chords, how to use them in your songwriting and how to solo over them. Includes in depth video, ear training and tables showing how borrowed chords work in several keys.

    Learn More

  9. How Diminished 7th Chords Work In Music

    Learn the ways diminished 7th or dim7 chords can work in your music with this in depth guitar lesson. Includes several progression examples and a video overview.

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  10. Hidden Triads - Extending Your Harmony & Melody

    Learn how to play triads in relative positions to the chords you're playing over to give your chord and lead playing more mileage. In depth guitar lesson with video and tabbed examples.

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