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The Best Guitar Chord Software & Chord Tools On The Web

From guitar chord finders to interactive chord namers and transposers (key changers), the web is full of freely available software that can help you learn more chords and better understand your chord playing.

Here's my run down of the best guitar chord software I've discovered on the WWW (all free!). Thanks to all the talented programmers who offer these great tools to the guitar learning community...

Guitar Chord Finders

Chord finders show you how to play a chosen chord in several positions on the neck. Simply select your chord type, along with a root note, and watch it appear as a shape on the fretboard.

Oolimo Chord Finder

Oolimo guitar chord finderOne of the newer chord finders and by far the slickest and easiest to use for basic chord finding. Simply select your root and chord type from the blocks below the fretboard and use the "prev" and "next" buttons above to cycle through several chord shapes/positions.

You can also choose whether to use note or interval labels on the chord.

A nice additional feature is the "arpeggio" button, which shows you how these chord shapes form part of an arpeggio pattern right across the neck.

small chevron Visit Oolimo's Chord Finder

JGuitar Chord Calculator

JGuitar chord calculatorA more comprehensive chord finder with pretty much every possible chord and fingering you could ever want to play. JGuitar's tool is great for printing your results because each shape for your chosen chord is displayed in a separate diagram, not unlike a traditional book chart.

You can also specify the bass note of the chord (for inversions) and play around with more advanced options such as filtering the results by number of fingers used, maximum gaps between strings and specify labels for fingering, notes or intervals.

small chevron Visit JGuitar's Chord Calculator

Note: if you want to display several different chords on one page (e.g. if you want to see how a chord progression would be mapped out) also try JGuitar's Chord Search function. Simply type in the chords you want, separated by commas, and it will display them all on the same page.

Guitar Chord Namers

Chord namers, sometimes called "reverse chord finders", tell you the name of the chord you enter on to the virtual fretboard. This is useful when you want to transcribe your chords using symbols (e.g. Cmaj, Cm9, C7sus4) rather than charts. It's highly recommended that you spend time learning how to write chords in symbol form.

Oolimo Chord Analyzer

Oolimo guitar chord namerAnother mention for Oolimo as the most accurate and intuitive chord namer on the web today. Click your chord shape on to the fretboard string by string and, not only does it tell you the name of the chord, but also offers several inversion names for that fingering and standard notation.

Click "up" or "down" to transpose the chord to different roots and use the "notes / intervals" button to select your fingering labels.

small chevron Visit Oolimo's Chord Analyzer

Jamplay Chord Namer

Jamplay chord namerWorthy of mention, Jamplay's chord namer is set up similar to Oolimo's, with the main differences being aesthetic (a vertical fretboard as oppose to horizontal and colour coded notes/intervals).

Punch your chord on to the fretboard and use the pick slider to play across the strings. To the right you'll see the chord you've created and the inversions it creates. Toggle between note and interval labels.

There's also an option to switch to a left handed view of the fretboard.

small chevron Visit Jamplay's Chord Namer

Chord Ear Training

Knowing how to play chords is one thing, but can you identify chords as they're played? This is a powerful ear skill that, if given enough practice, will allow you to transcribe entire songs by ear. Here's the perfect tool for the job...

Fachords' Chord Recognition Game

Fachords chord recognition ear training gameA one-of-its-kind tool that plays different chord types and challenges you to select the correct chord quality from two or more options.

Starting with major and minor chords, and moving to more complex chords such as major 7th, diminished and minor major 7th, you'll be surprised at how quickly you can train your ear to identify chords.

small chevron Visit Fachords' Ear Training Game

Transpose Chords

Have the chords to a song but want to change the key? No problem...

Chord Changer

Chord Changer transpose toolEither type or paste in the chords to your song and use the up and down arrows to change the key. The tool will automatically change each chord you've entered to fit that new key. You can then print the revised song sheet if you wish.

Not only that, but it displays chord diagrams for the new key so you won't be second guessing where to put your fingers. Hover over the chord symbols to see the individual chord diagrams. Simple, but very effective.

small chevron Visit Chord Changer's Transpose Tool

Multi-Purpose Chord Tool

Finally, the granddaddy of them all...

All Guitar Chords

All Guitar Chords toolBrings together every chord tool you could want into one menu. Including innovations such as "chords to scale", "scales to chord" and an interactive circle of fifths, this site has always had a prominant place in my bookmarks bar.

While not quite as "slick" as some of the other tools featured on this page, it does offer the widest range of tools in one convenient place.

small chevron Visit All Guitar Chords

Please support the creators of these sites in any way you can and I hope you have as much fun using them as I do.

If you know of any other chord software/tools that deserve mention, please let us know using the comments function below. Cheers!

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