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What are the Guitar Chords for Eenie Meenie?

Question by Stella
(Sydney, Australia)

I am currently trying to learn the song Eenie Meenie by Justin Bieber but having trouble learning the chords.

Could someone please clarify to me the chords.

The website I want to learn the song off is http://www.guitartutee.com/j/justin-bieber/justin-bieber-feat-sean-kingston-eenie-meenie-acoustic/.

The chords written on the website are:

G#sus9 – 4x44xx
E/Gsus9 – 0x44xx
Bsus9 – x244xx
F#sus9 – 2x44xx

However, I think they are incomplete. Could someone give me the fingering for the full chords and also tell me which chords to play in the intro. I am really looking forward to performing this song.

Chord Ideas for Eenie Meenie

Hey Stella, if you're going to be playing a solo acoustic rendition of this song, then yes you might want to fill out those chords a bit more.

The video you linked to shows you how to get the chords close to what the keys are playing on the original, but try these chords instead...

First, you'll need a capo on the 1st fret. If you don't have a capo, you can just play without one but the whole song will be a semitone flat from the original (not that big a deal really).

A#m7 chord with capo on 1st fret

^ Am7 shape (actually A#m7 now because of the capo)

F#sus2 chord with capo on 1st fret

^ Let the G string ring out open for this F#sus2 chord.

C#maj chord with capo on 1st fret

^ Basic open C major shape (C#maj in this case)

G#sus4 chord with capo on 1st fret

^ Gsus4 shape, G#sus4 with capo.

The chorus uses exactly the same chords.

To give the song some sense of dynamics, try plucking the intro/verse and then strum the chorus.

Good luck with the performance! If you need more help with this song, just use the comments link below.

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Pluck pattern
By: Stella

Could you please suggest a plucking pattern because the patterns I have come up with sound weird.

What about chords B flat, F sharp, C sharp and G Sharp.
By: Stella

I just had my guitar lesson today and my teacher told me that the bass notes for eenie meenie were B flat, F sharp, C sharp and G Sharp. He also told me that I should build chords on those notes.
If you think these chords are correct can you also please tell me which version of those chords i should play. I can play barre chords fine if it suits the song.

The chords I showed you are correct
By: Mike

Hi Stella, please see the chords on this page. They are correct based on what your teacher said.

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