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Rhythm Slashes Next to Chords

Question by Kate

I've been learning guitar for a while now and beside the songs that my teacher writes out for me she writes a chord and then these slashes or lines? for example: G / / / / F / / C / /

I sort of understand but I'm not 100% sure. Is it something to do with beats and rhythm? I'd love a good explanation! Thank you!


Hi Kate! You are correct, the slashes are to do with rhythm.

If you see G / / / / it simply means finger the G chord and strike it four times.

To keep time, you might find it useful to count the slashes in your head...

chord rhythm slashes

When multiple chords are used, make sure you keep the timing of your strums consistent. So every strum should be spaced the same.

Even if a chord changes after only two strums, keep counting the overall rhythm in groups of four...

G / / / / F / / C / / would be counted as...

timing for G F C chords

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Hope that helps!

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