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Guitar Tuning Lessons & Resources

I've set this page up to provide free online guitar tuners, alternate tunings and tips on tuning up your guitar in several ways. 

Don't be complacent with tuning - it doesn't matter how amazing you are on guitar, if it's not quite tuned right, you'll ruin every bit of charisma you thought you had - Just. Like. That.

Also, don't just rely on electronic tuners to do the work for you. Learning how to tune by ear, for example using harmonics, is a good backup method.

What I tend to do is use a few of these tuning techniques: one to tune up, others to tweak and fine tune. They can all work together to ensure your tuning is spot on.

Guitar tuning lessons

small chevron All-in-One Guitar Tuners  From Standard to Drop B and Wahine tuning. Either tune by ear or plug in to tune digitally.

small chevron Guitar Tuning Basics  If you're a beginner, this lesson will take you through the absolute basics of tuning guitar.

small chevron Tuning Down Half Step / Whole Step  Learn how to tune down half and whole steps for a deeper sounding standard tuning. Includes both tuning pitch references and instructions on how to tune without any aids.

small chevron Drop Tuning (Drop D, Drop C & Drop B)  Drop tuning is most commonly used in heavy metal, but is great for any playing which requires a lower bottom string bass note than standard. Includes tuners for drop D, C and B.

small chevron Open Guitar Tuning  Tune your guitar to a major or minor chord. Some interesting chords to be discovered from open tunings...

small chevron Alternate Guitar Tuning  Includes DADGAd, sixth and perfect fourth tuning for some fresh sounding chords.

small chevron 5th Fret Method Tuning  The most common method for relative tuning (i.e. tuning a guitar "to itself") without any aids except the strings on your guitar.

small chevron How to Tune Guitar Using Harmonics  A more accurate but challenging way of tuning than the 5th fret method. Learn how to create harmonics on your guitar and use them to tune up.

small chevron How to Tune Guitar by Ear  An interesting lesson that introduces you to the concept of relative pitch, learning to tune your guitar purely by ear based on the intervals between each string.

small chevron Other Tuning Tips and Tricks  Tweaking and fine tuning tips.

small chevron Using a Guitar Capo  Learn how different types of capo work and how they change your guitar's tuning. Capo's are used for raising the tuning pitch.

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