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Learn the Mechanics of Blues Guitar & Play What You Feel!

When searching for blues guitar lessons, you'll find plenty of cool licks, tricks and "monkey see monkey do" videos. But when it comes to improvisation (which, let's face it, is what blues is all about), you're often left in the dark.

To play the blues with real feeling and personality you need that skill.

That's why I teach you the mechanics and theory behind blues guitar - not just a bunch of licks (although tabs are important!) - so you'll be able to improvise confidently and say exactly what you want to say in the moment.

Quick Blues Guitar Video Lesson

How to play a dead simple but very cool sounding blues turnaround that you can transpose to any key. Simply "move the box"...

blues turnaround video lesson

Blues Guitar Lessons Contents

This section is still expanding, but there's plenty to get your fingers on below. Simply work through in the order they're presented...

small chevron Blues Chord Progressions  Learn about the different blues structures, including 8 bar, 12 bar, 16 bar and jazz variations. Plus, how to visualise them in any key on the fretboard.

small chevron Blues Guitar Chords  Looks at common (and less common) open and movable chord forms used in blues. Plus, some timeless chord variations that will give your rhythm playing a true blues feel.

small chevron Blues Guitar Scales  If you thought blues was just about minor/major pentatonic, think again! This lesson teaches you some interesting variations on the standard blues scales and when to use them in a I IV V sequence.

small chevron Soloing Over Blues Changes  This is where it all comes together - connecting scales to the chord progression. Learn the "secret" to building meaningful phrases over a 12 bar blues progression and break out of the pentatonic rut. Also in this series...
small chevron Using Minor & Major Pentatonic Together  Learn how to move smoothly between major and minor pentatonic - a technique mastered by all the legendary blues players. The idea is you can say a lot more by combining two scales in the same lick.

blues jam session box and CDs

60 Professional Blues Backing Tracks

The perfect accompaniment to my lessons. Jamming really is the most effective (and most fun) way to put your skills into practice.

Blues Jam Session includes over 60 backing tracks in every tempo and style, video lessons, guides, chord and scale sheets and step by step instructions on how to improvise. Everything you need to become the blues player you always wanted.

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